Collaboration Institute 3.0

Launched summer 2017, Collaboration Institute 3.0 is an 18-month curriculum designed to more effectively align Birmingham’s social services and workforce initiatives to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty for single mothers and their families.

Collaboration Institute 3.0 will establish three teams comprised of local agencies (community colleges, child care centers, public and private job training initiatives, social services, and more) each with the goal of developing a 2Gen Family Hub that provides a seamless and comprehensive set of services to families.

Each team will receive $100,000 and major support, including coaching, peer-learning workshops, and technical assistance.

What is a “2Gen Family Hub?”

In Birmingham, the services that low income women and their families need to move ahead are isolated and disjointed. Piecing them together is an overwhelming task and a main barrier to their success.

To better respond to the needs of vulnerable families, The Women’s Fund developed the idea of service “hubs” that will create strong and seamless opportunity pathways for two generations—mothers and their children—simultaneously.

Hubs coordinate the services of at least three organizations. Depending on the expertise of the partnering organizations, a hub could be:

  • A physical co-location of 2Gen service providers that support the whole family (e.g., at an early learning center, a social service provider, a community college, etc.)
  • A virtual coordination of 2Gen services across organizations.


The core needs addressed by 2Gen Family Hubs will include:

  • Post-secondary Education and Employment Pathways
  • Economic Assets and Supports
  • Social Capital
  • Health and Well-being

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