Join The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham for Clearing the Path, a conversation about building a sustainable and inclusive workforce for Alabama.

Featured Speakers

• Greg Canfield, Alabama Secretary of Commerce
• Myla Calhoun, President, Alabama Power Foundation; Vice President, Alabama Power Charitable Giving; Executive Director, Alabama Business Charitable Trust Fund
• Guin Robinson, Associate Dean of Economic Development, Jefferson State Community College
• Distinguished Members of the Alabama Legislature

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Alabama has successfully recruited industry, and our state is driving a vision for a robust economic future. Yet the needs of too many Alabama families are still going unmet.

Our economy depends on building a sustainable and inclusive workforce under the looming shortfall of 500,000 skilled workers needed in Alabama by 2025. Women are the solution.

Clearing the Path, the research arm of The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, leverages data to illuminate the issues most impacting women and to influence public dialogue and corporate decision-making. This year, Clearing the Path, will expand its conversation on workforce development and women to build on innovative business practices to include public policy solutions.

Clearing the Path will feature speakers and panelists from the public and private sector, including Greg Canfield, Alabama Secretary of Commerce; Myla Calhoun, President of the Alabama Power Foundation and member of the Alabama Workforce Council; and others.

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